Trump Responds To New Zealand Massacre With Friday AM Rant


The shocking and sad news of a mass shooting that left 49 people dead in a mosque in New Zealand rocked the world in the early Friday morning hours. Donald Trump, who the shooter named as an inspiration for his anti-Islam views, gave the news a quick tweet of sympathy before moving on to his overplayed victim card.

Trump and his administration will be over the proverbial barrel after the shooting in New Zealand. While they must, as a matter of course, offer condolences and sympathy, they must do so without acknowledging the fact that the shooter identified Trump as an inspiration in his manifesto, calling the current U.S. president a “symbol of renewed white identity” before he slaughtered Muslims in their place of worship.

The president then quickly changed subjects to talk about “Jexodus,” a movement that bills itself as a group of “proud Jewish Millennials tired of living in bondage to leftist politics” that was founded after Trump seized on his “Democrats are anti-Semites because they’ve criticized the Israeli government and its lobbyists” trope. The “movement” was not started by a millennial, but a 56-year-old Trump campaign advisor.

Trump does not seem to understand, since his hopes are rooted in self-serving scandal-mongering, that Jewish people are overwhelmingly Democrats becauseĀ of their personal beliefs and are unlikely to buy into Trump’s lies.

As for Trump’s “poor me” scenario in which he once again insists that he’s some martyr to the Obama administration, he did little more than completely mischaracterize Strzok’s testimony, with the help of Fox News. Strzok said nothing that could be interpreted the way that Trump and Fox News has done. Instead, the testimony debunks every narrative the right has offered about it since well before Strzok ever testified.

Twitter wasn’t buying Trump’s morning rant. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license