Kid That Egged Racist Senator Met With Brute Strangulation (VIDEO)


Somehow, people on the right are always outraged by the wrong things. They’re outraged over any criticism of police brutality, but excuse the murders of unarmed black Americans. They’re outraged over gay couples on television, but never about the violence that LGBTQ Americans face every day.

They’re sure to be outraged by a 17-year-old boy who threw an egg at an Islamophobic right-wing politician in Australia after the senator made disgusting comments following the mass murder of 49 Muslims in New Zealand, but they’re unlikely to also be outraged by the abuse he suffered as a result. And if anyone points out that Islamophobic rhetoric like that spewed by Republicans like Donald Trump contribute to the violence against Muslims, their outrage meters are likely to bust wide open.

A young man in Australia threw an egg at Fraser Anning, a right-wing politician who made disgusting comments about the murder of 49 Muslims in a mosque in New Zealand. When the 17-year-old was grabbed and choked by some of Anning’s goons, video on social media went viral.

The men who grabbed this child included a man referred to as “Ricky T.,” an avowed Nazi who supports Anning’s views. This is not the first time his name has been associated with violence in a news cycle. He was arrested for attacking police during an “Invasion Day rally” in January, which was held to support the abolition of a day to celebrate the immigrants who founded Australia.

Twitter, on the other hand, had a strong reaction to the assault by Anning’s supporters. Read some of their comments below: