Avenatti Hitting Trump Troll Jacob Wohl With Criminal Charges


Further in the spotlight than before after the rise of Donald Trump, the right wing media continues to eat itself alive. Prominent agitator Jacob Wohl may now be facing criminal charges after he stole a random Hispanic man’s photo from Instagram for a Twitter account with a fake identity that he used to send (fake) death threats to himself. Prominent lawyer Michael Avenatti has confirmed that he’s representing the man whose identity Wohl usurped, sharing:

‘I am pleased to announce that I have been retained by Mr. Delgado to pursue all available criminal and civil claims against Jacob Wohl. It is time that he face the consequences for his outrageous conduct. And I intend on ensuring that he does.’

In reality, Aaron Delgado is a Minnesota realtor and not a gay “diversity coordinator” named Drake Holmes who told Wohl he was ready to “shoot you and shit on your fucking bodies.” The fake death threats emerged when Wohl went to Minneapolis with fellow provocateur Laura Loomer to “investigate” the claim that Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar married her brother. Wohl presented death threats to local police while he was in the city, including the messages he sent himself through the Holmes account, a copy of which ended up in a police report about the incident. He had been seeking to paint the local area, which Omar represents, as essentially a lawless state where he had no choice but to wear a bulletproof vest and employ “security professionals.”

Ironically, he’s lost even the support of his closest outlandish allies in his quest for justice against a nonexistent threat. Loomer “said she wasn’t involved in the report” while right winger Ali Alexander, who organized the trip to Minneapolis, blasted Wohl for peddling “kind of stupid, vanity-filled, ego-fueled disinformation” and said he’d be happy to cooperate with any police investigation into the false report.

That wouldn’t be the first time that Wohl has faced serious investigation. Last year, alongside conservative talking head Jack Burkman, he attempted to stage the revelation of a fake sexual assault claim against Special Counsel for the Russia investigation Robert Mueller that fell apart before the pair’s initial press conference. Carolyn Cass, who he’d been intending to have speak at that conference, told USA Today that “Wohl “made it up,” deceived her with a false identity and tried to coerce her to appear at a news conference against her will,” and Mueller’s team referred the matter to the FBI for investigation.

Obviously, that hasn’t stopped him, but criminal charges that Delgado and Avenatti pursue might.

Avenatti first rose to prominence as adult film star Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, representing her in her quest for freedom from a nondisclosure agreement the president’s team had gotten her to sign covering an affair between her and Trump. Avenatti’s and Daniels’ relationship fell apart, but the lawyer remains in the spotlight, having himself faced what he claims is a false allegation of domestic violence with Wohl behind it.

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