Lindsey Graham Acts A Drunken Fool At Mar-a-Lago Party


As Trump supporters crow on social media about the end of the Mueller investigation, insisting that no new indictments surely means no one did anything wrong, Lindsey Graham spoke about his wish for another investigation into Hillary Clinton while at Mar-a-Lago on Friday night. Without even seeing the Mueller report, Trump’s base believes that Trump has been exonerated. They believe it was all a “witch hunt” despite more than 30 indictments and seven guilty pleas.

Ten investigations into Benghazi and years of looking into Clinton’s use of a private email server that turned up zero indictments or guilty pleas, however, and the right is still yelling about locking Clinton up in prison.

Trump also appeared at Mar-a-Lago to speak while news of the Mueller report was breaking. He thanked “the legendary Pam Bondi,” who as Florida’s attorney general dropped lawsuits into Trump in exchange for campaign donations, for being there. He also said that he had come to hear Graham speak.

‘If Lindsey’s speaking, I want to come down here for two reasons. No. 1: he’s a great speaker. And No. 2, I know if I’m here, he’s not going to say anything bad about me.’

Graham then spoke about the need for an all-new investigation into Clinton while the crowd chanted “lock her up” and news of Jared Kushner’s WhatsApp communications with Saudi Arabia and Ivanka’s failure to preserve her email communications was glossed over.

Twitter was understandably disgusted by Graham’s and the Trump crowd’s ridiculousness. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license