Judge Stops Trump’s Medicaid Work Restrictions – Donald Spirals


Donald Trump appears to be missing the empathy gene. His term thus far has been about, making money for himself, hurting people, and getting revenge against perceived enemies. What else can we think about a man who rips little children from the arms of legal refugees and literally cages them? What sort of man slow-walked the aid to Puerto Ricans after the worst disaster since 9/11? Hurricane Maria devastated the island with an official death toll of 2,975 according to CNN, and he just now cut off the food stamps for these American citizen’s? How can someone fight to kill Obamacare for 20 million people who need it the most? This is his latest move.

The Trump administration has forced people to work 100 hours a month in order to keep their Medicaid insurance, and yes it is insurance. Unfortunately, many people’s lives do not fit neatly into rigid rules and regulations.

For instance, some people work part-time jobs subject to shift changes and cuts. They might work 150 hours one month and 75 the next. Some people do seasonal work, and in that type of work if there is no crop, there is no work.

Arkansas kicked over 18,000 of its poorest people off of their Medicaid insurance since last summer for not meeting Trump dictated work requirements. Kentucky’s Medicaid insurance, which as not yet been implemented, has also has been brought before the judge — twice. Fortunately, the current judicial system has saved people from the most draconian measures.

Judge James Boasberg serves in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. He ruled in two separate cases, Arkansas and Kentucky for the second time, that Trump’s Health and Human Services Department did not take into consider whether the work requirements even met Medicaid insurance’s objective, which is to provide health care coverage to the poor.