Trump Stirs Outrage On Twitter & People Immediately Go Ballistic


If only Richard Nixon had had a William Barr, he might never have been forced to resign for the numerous crimes committed by him and his administration. On Saturday, Trump answered calls for releasing the full Mueller report by saying that Democrats have no right to see it. Instead, he vowed to let Barr decide on its release, just like he let Barr “decide” that he was innocent of any wrongdoing.

It’s odd how Trump was fully supportive of the full release of the full Mueller report to the American people all the way up until the exact moment it was actually completed. Now, he’s questioning why even Democratic members of Congress should be allowed to see it. The answer to that question is that, unlike Trump, members of Congress were elected by a majority of the people they represent to sit in their positions as a check and balance of executive powers.

Trump’s circular logic makes absolutely no sense. Why would Democrats, all of whom Trump has insisted colluded with Hillary Clinton’s campaign to discredit him through the investigation into his own campaign, support the full release of the report if crimes had been committed by Democrats? If the report really proves that Trump has been totally exonerated of all crimes and Democrats have been caught red-handed, Trump would have the entire report tattooed on his body in full display for his supporters to read.

His panicked tweets and desperate attempts to keep the Mueller report from the public show that what’s in the Mueller report is far more damaging to his upcoming political campaign than Attorney General William Barr has stated. In fact, even Mueller’s investigators have said so.

Twitter is no longer surprised by Trump’s outrageous statements. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license