Obama Shows Up Trump With Sunday Tweet Message To The World


Every time Barack Obama speaks, the negativity and divisiveness of Donald Trump shows up in stark contrast. Both men have spent the day watching the Masters and cheering on Tiger Woods, but their individual relationships make each tweet vastly different in meaning.

When a celebrity expresses a different political view than that of Trump, he goes into outrage mode, inventingĀ grade school bully nicknames and insulting them on Twitter. He once called Meryl Streep “overrated,” he threatened have Saturday Night Live investigated for colluding with Democrats, and his long-standing feud with Rosie O’Donnell remains bitter.

Tiger Woods has made it clear that while he won’t say whether or not he supports Trump’s policies – child separation, banning transgender soldiers from the military, taking healthcare away from millions of poor Americans – he also won’t speak out against him. In fact, he’s even been seen golfing with Trump and Kid Rock since the 2016 elections.

In a reversed position, Trump would have, at best, ignored the win by an Obama-supporting celebrity or, at worst, attacked him on social media. Obama, on the other hands, congratulated Woods on his win and praised his determination.

This difference is the opposite extremes of both presidents, their time in office, and their messages. Obama had a message of hope and faith in the American people. Trump’s is a message of us vs. them: the Republicans vs. the Democrats, the Christians vs. the Muslims, the citizens vs. the undocumented immigrants, and good, and the wealthy vs. the poor.

It’s a different message, and one that his supporters seem to relish.

Twitter expressed their love and gratitude to the last president with class, grace, and positivity. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Marc Nozell under a Creative Commons license