Sarah Sanders Goes On ‘Meet The Press’ & Is Caught Lying In 7 Seconds Flat


At some point, the cable news media really needs to stop giving a platform to the Trump administration’s hired mouthpieces. During her Sunday morning appearance on Meet the Press, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tried to justify all of the alarming news coming from Washington, D.C. over the past week, and the dismissal of the real concerns Americans have over Trump’s policies made it all that more terrifying.

George Stephanopoulos, a veteran interviewer who has conducted interviews with people far smarter and more experienced than Sanders, but was unable to draw any more than repetition of Trump’s earlier lies from her. When he asked about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who has received death threats in the past week and was demonized as supporting terrorists by Trump on Twitter, Sanders continued that same rhetoric.

‘[Omar’s comments] are absolutely disgraceful and unbeffiting of a member of Congress and I think that it’s a good thing that the president is calling her out.’

Omar’s comments are actually representative of a large number of Muslim Americans, whom Trump has also demonized and stoked fear around, and “calling her out” may very well endanger her and her family.

Asked about the release of the Mueller report, Sanders also spun a tall tale not only of Trump’s stance on that release, but what even Attorney General Barr summarized the report as saying.

‘The president has been clear, he wants transparency throughout the process, but the president’s 100 percent right. Once they get the report and they see what the summary has laid out, that there was no obstruction, there was no collusion, it’s time to move on.’

Trump has actually said that Democrats shouldn’t have access to the report because they will just use it to retry him publicly and Barr’s summary stated that Mueller’s report did not exonerate the president.

Sanders was also asked about the jaw-dropping report that Trump told his new appointee to the Department of Homeland Security to illegally prevent immigrants from seeking asylum and that, should he get into legal trouble over it, Trump would just pardon him. Trump has denied the report just like he denied that he had business in Russia during the 2016 president elections, that a family separation policy had been enacted, and even that his father was born in Germany. There’s no end to his lies and telling the American people that Trump’s word should be taken seriously is laughable.

‘The president has addressed this…the president is a person of law of order…the president has asked them to do everything they can under the law.’

Sanders also defended Trump’s announcement that detained immigrants, who Trump has said in the past are dangerous murderers bent on killing everyone, would be released into sanctuary cities.

‘As long as Democrats, Chris, continue to ignore the crisis at the border…and the number of illegal immigrants that are flooding across our border, then we have to look at all options on the table.’

Undocumented migrations was at an unprecedented low under President Obama. Trump created the crisis and his plan to ship immigrants to sanctuary cities makes no sense.

The interview, just like Sanders’ press conferences and time at the White House, was as pointless as ever.

Featured image screenshot via Twitter