Speaker Pelosi Calls Trump Unfit For Office & Says He Knows It


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) met with CBS’s Lesley Stahl for a 60 Minutes interview. The only woman to hold the position of speaker even once let alone twice, Pelosi was born for this job. Her father was a Democratic Maryland congressman when she was born. When he became the Baltimore mayor seven years later, Pelosi held the Bible for his swearing-in ceremony. Her brother was also a Baltimore Mayor.

Pelosi was the youngest of seven children, all boys except her. This was a remarkable preparation for her to go toe-to-toe with male power.

Stahl asked Pelosi, 79, to describe Donald Trump in the interview. The woman second in line to the presidency responded:

‘How would I describe him? I think that he describes himself on a daily basis and — I think that there’s nobody in the country who knows better that he should not be president of the United States than Donald Trump.’

Later in the interview, Pelosi emphasized that she would work with POTUS whenever possible:

‘(He is) not worth the trouble of saying you’re so horrible we can’t work together.’

Trump hit his Twitter account, describing the 60 Minutes interview as a “puff piece:”

‘All they do is Investigate, as it turns out, crimes that they instigated & committed. The Mueller No Collusion decision wasn’t even discussed-and she was a disaster at W.H.’

Trump had earlier retweeted a doctored video of freshman Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and the 9/11 terrorist attack. His intent was so viciously anti-Muslim that Pelosi had to request security for Omar, her family, and Omar’s staff. They have been receiving culpable death threats.

The morning following Pelosi’s interview, Trump attacked the speaker for defending Omar against the president and others. He indicated that:

‘(Pelosi) has lost all control of Congress and is getting nothing done.’

During the interview, the speaker said that there were only “like five people” who were progressives in the Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) vein. Conversely, Pelosi has called herself a progressive.

The top-tier money-raising grandmother was always on the go in three-inch heels with more energy than those many decades younger. She often traveled 100 days per year.