Ivanka Trump Job Offer Announcement Made By ‘The Atlantic’


Donald Trump has an interesting relationship with his elder daughter Ivanka Trump. Clearly, he is proud of her, and she is obviously his favorite of five children. Still, when she was considering modeling, he suggested she should get breast implants. Now, we learn that he offered her more job advice — on a grand scale.

Already a White House senior adviser to her father, the president offered her the job of World Bank chief, according to The Atlantic magazine. At the time, POTUS had no doubt about her qualifications:

‘I even thought of Ivanka for the World Bank. She would’ve been great at that because she’s very good with numbers.’

She confirmed the offer with the AP during a trip to Africa where she was there boosting a global women’s initiative. Ivanka said father had raised the job as “a question.” Ivanka told him that she was “happy with the work” she was doing.

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It seems, that the president’s daughter helped choose the new person for the job, though, David Malpass. She said he would do an “incredible job.”

Then, the AP asked her if the president had talked to her about any other jobs. She replied coyly that she would “keep that between them.” Ivanka also ruled out a run for office any time soon.

In the Atlantic interview, the commander-in-chief said he had considered her at least briefly for several other top jobs “including United Nations ambassador.” At the time, he said he did not want to give “the appearance of nepotism.” That sounded good, but was it just an excuse? He commented:

‘She would’ve been great at the United Nations, as an example. (She is) a natural diplomat.’

Then, the president added that should he have nominated her:

‘(T)hey’d say nepotism, when it would’ve had nothing to do with nepotism. But she would’ve been incredible.’

The first daughter has worked with the World Bank leaders on initiatives as they related to women’s economic development since her father has been in office. That was why she had input into the new president’s nomination, according to spokesperson Jessica Ditto.

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POTUS nominated David Malpass in February. He has shown himself to be loyal to Donald Trump, and he has been very critical of China. Malpass has been interested in a “global economic order” shakeup.

Although the World Bank has 189 nations in its membership, the position of president has gone to an American historically, and there were no other candidates. The World Bank has a sister organization in Europe, the International Monetary Fund. Some have urged the World Bank to appoint a non-American president, especially with the emergence of the Indian and Chinese markets and the emphasis on development.

The name “Ivanka” is a diminutive of her mother’s name “Ivana.” We rarely hear much about the mother-daughter relationship. In the Atlantic, Ivana said:

‘I did not spoil my kids. They had no choice … I kept them busy, busy, busy.’

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That included a hand full of activities: skiing, ice-skating, and tennis lessons, as well as singing classes. Ivana said she never gave her daughter:

‘(T)oo much money. Girls get too much money, they buy the drugs, they go to nightclubs—none of that Ivanka ever did.’

However one day, Ivanka came home with blue hair. Her mother said:

‘I freaked out. I bought the Nice ’n Easy in the palest blond and put it all over.’