The View’s Co-Hosts Meghan McCain, Joy Behar Spar LIVE On-Air


Usually, Meghan McCain supports the conservative audience members on The View where she is one of the co-hosts. That puts her at odds with several of the other co-hosts. In a surprising turn of events, Senator John McCain’s (D-AZ deceased) daughter did a most unusual verbal dance.

Both McCain and Behar believed that former vice president Joe Biden should go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump during the next presidential campaign. Biden has said before that he wanted to take then-candidate Trump out behind the high school gym and give him what-for. The women think that these two men would be well matched in the upcoming 2020 presidential campaign.

McCain said “I’m ready for a fight:”

‘He will go Wilmington, Delaware, on his ass so quick. I’m ready for a fight here, I’m ready for somebody to counterpunch in a way that will be effective. I think he’ll be classy, because Joe is a classy guy.’

Senators McCain and Biden worked together in the Senate from 1987 to 2009. McCain represented the people living in Arizona from 1987-2018 as a moderate Republican. Biden, a relatively moderate Democrat, represented Delaware between 1973-2009.

Behar agreed with her host McCain, saying she wanted Biden to beat Trump at his own game.

‘Trump’s base likes it when he makes up these names — “crooked Hillary,’ they love them.” Joe Biden’s base — I’m one of them, I like it, too, I’m a street fighter. I’m from Brooklyn, go at him.’

Both The View co-hosts  Abby Huntsman and Sunny Hostin had a different opinion. Huntsman said that she did not believe the former vice president needed to “get in the mud” with Trump.

McCain shouted everyone down, saying that politics was a “dirty game:”

‘Joy, why are you and I in total agreement? You’ve got to play dirty, get dirty — it’s a dirty game. Politics is not the place you go when you want to feel soft and warm.’

Hostin noted that Obama did not get down in the dirt, and he won — twice. That set McCain off. She yelled “Let me finish:”

‘Let me finish! It is a paradigm shift, Trump being elected, a paradigm shift in every conceivable ways in American politics. To put the old standard of Obama — you run like Obama you’re going to get Trump again, hands down.’