BREAKING: Suburban School Shooting Hits At Least Seven Tuesday


At a time when gun control has become so important, Democratic candidates have been seeking ways to come up with a federal approach. They may have been too late — at least for these young people.

In a Denver, Colorado suburban school, shots rang out. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has been tweeting on the events as the news continues to break. At least seven people were injured in the shooting. Police have two suspects in custody following the shooting.

The Sheriff tweeted:

‘7 possibly 8 students have been injured. Two shooters in custody. SWAT still clearing school.’

Initially, the sheriff’s office said that an “active and unstable scene” was unfolding at STEM School Highlands Ranch. This is a charter school located the Highlands Ranch suburb, which is located approximately 30 minutes from Denver.

Due to police activity on the scene, the Sheriff’s Office has requested that people remain away from the school. Parents should pick up their children from the recreational center located nearby to avoid congestion, according to authorities.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis (D) released this statement:

‘We are making all of our public safety resources available to assist the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department in their effort to secure the site and evacuate the students.’

Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner (R) commented that he was “closely monitoring” the situation.

Another shooting scare occurred in the Denver area last month, when a woman who was obsessed with the Columbine shootings flew to the area and purchased an automatic weapon. She was found later after committing suicide.

The story is unfolding at this time.