WH Reporter Puts Trump On The Spot & The Outcome Is Hilarious (VIDEO)


One of Donald Trump’s favorite mental tricks is to accuse one of his so-called enemies of one of his own actions. That must mean that he is at least somewhat self-aware, although he may just be reacting instinctively. This tactic has been quite effective in the past, but now people have begun to point out what he is doing, especially the reporters.

The president met with Hungary’s right-wing President Viktor Orban and took a few questions from the White House pool reporters.

One of the reporters called out asking about thus-far foiled attempts by House committees to schedule interviews with officials who have already left the White House. The reporter may have also been thinking of POTUS’ unwillingness to hand over his tax returns when he asked, according to CNBC:

‘You talked about transparency, if you’re transparent, why block the House Democrats?’

Then, Trump added that the Democratically-led House was “not entitled to” his tax returns:

‘Because they’re asking for things that they’re not entitled to. I could ask them, I assume if they ask me, I could ask them for the same kind of thing. They wouldn’t want to do it. All they’re trying to do is win an election in 2020.’

Then, the man who occasionally sits in the Oval Office could not resist criticizing the Democrats. He accused them of trying to undermine Trump’s presidency:

‘So we’re doing really well, and all the Democrats want to do is find any way they can to stop it. They’re putting their own personal goals ahead of the country. You can’t do that. And we have a wonderful Attorney General. He’s done a very good job and I’m sure it will all work out.’

Check out the video of Trump addressing the press below: