House Judiciary Makes Sunday Impeachment Statement To America


Donald Trump may want the Democrats to push for impeachment, or he may just be looking for an adversary to use to ramp up his voter base. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that by refusing to cooperate with the Congress, POTUS was trying to build his own case for impeachment. She said he was trying to “self-impeach.” A Republican surprise shot everything forward.

Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) sits on the House Judiciary Committee, and she appeared on CNN’s Jake Tapper’s State of the Union show with more news about impeachment.

Trump demanded a blanket refusal to the House’s requests for oversight information. He has instructed all of his current and previous employees to ignore the subpoenas, requests for documents, and requests for testimony. Should the House Judiciary Committee launched an impeachment investigation, that would give it the power to obtain all of that withheld information.

Tapper asked Jayapal whether libertarian Republican Justin Amash (R-MI) coming out to support impeachment inspired the Democrats to move forward. According to the CNN transcript of the show, he said:

‘Some members of the Democratic caucus want to go forward with impeachment, but Democratic leaders have been saying, slow your roll. Does the fact that Justin Amash, a Republican, is now supporting impeachment, at least theoretically, mean that the people who want to proceed with that now have more wind at their backs?’

Jayapal responded saying that the effort had to be bipartisan:

‘Well, I think it’s a watershed moment. For weeks Speaker Pelosi has saying this needs to be bipartisan if it’s going to move forward just from the practical perspective of impeachment moving forward. And I think Justin Amash coming on board means that there is now bipartisan support for really understanding the seriousness of what is in the Mueller report.’

The representative continued noting that “most of the (Democratic) caucus agrees” with Amash:

‘And, you know, he says, and I think he’s right we — most of us actually swing district Democrats and progressives, most of the caucus agrees with most of those conclusions that Justin Amash has around what is in the report. We have read the report. It very carefully laid out a case that really is pushing for the House to take on these issues.’

The Washington representative said the issue was not impeachment but “an impeachment inquiry:’

‘So, I think it’s not about the impeachment vote. It’s about opening an impeachment inquiry and really having the legal — the legal remedies that are stronger when you have an impeachment inquiry. And I think we’re very quickly headed down that path.’

Although Speaker Pelosi was against impeachment at the beginning, she began to slow-walk the idea. Now, she has indicated an impeachment investigation could be useful, too.

Of course, Trump will not be removed from the presidency. Democrats can hold the impeachment hearings, but the Senate would have to try the president. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Republicans would vote against the impeachment.

Check out Jayapal on State of the Union below: