Trump Hit With Mockery For Admitting Russia Helped His Campaign


With another Twitter meltdown this time letting some facts of the situation slip, President Donald Trump would really like everyone to believe that he’s the poster child for innocence, despite the criminal charges against six of his former associates stemming from the Russia scandal and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s emphatic declaration this week that:

‘If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.’

Trump railed on Twitter this Thursday:

‘Russia, Russia, Russia! That’s all you heard at the beginning of this Witch Hunt Hoax…And now Russia has disappeared because I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected. It was a crime that didn’t exist.’

Notice something? Trump explicitly admits in an offhanded way that Russian efforts did, in fact, help his presidential campaign as the final report from Mueller’s investigation — and anyone with eyes and ears — established. As the special counsel outlined at an abruptly called press conference the day before Trump’s admission, Russian efforts proceeded on two fronts. They stole private information from the Democratic Party and distributed it through an array of channels including WikiLeaks, and they also sought to sow discord in American politics through an array of fake online identities.

In the past, Trump has gone to great lengths to avoid directly holding or even trying to hold Russia accountable for their actions. At one point while standing next to Russian President Vladimir Putin himself, he said that he didn’t see any reason to believe that Russia had meddled at all — although under pressure, he claimed to have meant to say that he didn’t see any reason to not believe it was Russia, which we’re supposed to take seriously despite his incessant insistence that Russia and Putin in particular aren’t the main aggressors of the story.

Most recently, Trump and his allies have sought to use their obsession with denying the seriousness of the Russia scandal into supposed justification for why further probes of the president should not proceed. To that effect this Thursday on Twitter, Trump added:

‘So now the Dems and their partner, the Fake News Media say… he shouldn’t fight back, he should just sit back and take it. Could this be Obstruction? No, Mueller didn’t find Obstruction either. Presidential Harassment!’

That is a lie. Mueller made abundantly clear that he did find obstruction of justice, he just couldn’t pursue a case against the president because of policy against indicting a sitting president.

Anyway, check out Twitter’s response to the president momentarily admitting some truth below.

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