Trump Loses It In Rambling 20-Minute White House Lawn Rant (VIDEO)


Donald Trump appears to be losing it. He sent out an early morning tweet with a huge Freudian slip in it, admitting that Russia had indeed helped him win the election. Then within minutes, he was reeling back in those words as if they had never been written down for tens of millions of people to see with their own eyes. Former special counsel Robert Mueller’s press briefing may have just sent him over the edge, and here is the evidence.

Trump stopped on the White House lawn to talk to reporters before heading off to deliver the graduation speech to the Colorado Springs, Colorado Air Force Academy. There was something clearly off in his earliest-morning statements. He even singled out one reporter to shake his hand for being a good journalist. It got worse.

Mueller noted in his briefing a mere 24 hours earlier that Russia helped Trump win the election. In the president’s emotion-filled morning tweet, he revealed for the first time that Russia helped him. Mere moments later, he told the press:

‘Russia did not help me get elected. You know who got me elected? I got me elected.’

POTUS also insisted that the courts would never impeach him according to PBS’s YouTube video:

“ can’t imagine the courts allowing it.’

Of course, the courts have nothing to do with impeachments. Trump might have been referring to the two loyal justices he handed to the Supreme Court. However, all of the impeachment proceedings stay in Congress. Even, the self-motivated Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) might not be able to grind an impeachment to a halt.

Reporters discovered the White House communications about Trump ordering the U.S.S. McCain battleship to cover Senator John McCain’s name with a tarp during his trip to Japan. The commander-in-chief went even farther. He demanded that the ship remained out of his sight.

He even refused to invite the ship’s sailors to hear him speak, although all of the other military members on other ships came. Regardless, of whether Trump hates McCain, would a sane man would do that? After all, the senator has been dead for almost a year.

Then on the White House lawn, POTUS said:

‘I was not a big fan of John McCain in any way, shape or form. He killed health care. I was never a fan, but I would never do anything like that (cover up references to his name). But someone did that, and they were well-meaning. But I would never do anything like that.’

It did not matter to the president that the former special counsel had never spoken one word to the public for two years and none of the many attorneys and investigators had either. Trump had some ugly lies for him, too, calling him a “true never-Trumper (and a) totally conflicted person.”

The president claimed that Mueller came to him seeking a job as FBI director, really wanted it, and was revengeful when he did not get it. In actuality, the White House invited him to give advice on what to look for in an FBI director, because Mueller had already been one.

Then, POTUS referred to a business dispute between the two men. What really happened was that Mueller found that he did not use the golf course with the licensed name of Trump as much as he had expected and asked for a partial refund.

In spite of the Mueller team’s silence, their commitment to objectivity, and their dedication to serving the country Trump said:

‘Some of the worst human beings on Earth. They got nothing.’

Trump ended with a warning:

‘Article II (of the Constitution) gives the president powers that you wouldn’t believe. But I don’t even have to rely on Article II. There was no crime.’

Featured Image is a Screenshot via YouTube.