White Family Beats Black Man ‘To A Pulp’ & Karma Bites Them In The Ass


The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office in Florida arrested three men after witnesses say they beat a black man “to a pulp” at a bar where the victim was “minding his own business” while out with his wife, who is white.

Local news reports say that:

‘A man who harassed an interracial couple at a bar on Mother’s Day is facing a hate crime charge for the fight he started, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

‘The victim, who is black, was having drinks at Tailgatorz Sports Bar & Grill on Mother’s Day with his wife, who is white, when Warren Stratton approached and asked the man if he was from Africa and whether it was “Africa Day,” the report said.’

Video surveillance cameras show that the couple were not initially engaging with the man until he continued his harassment. Eventually, the victim stood from his chair and the confrontation soon became physical when the white harasser pushed his victim back down.

‘Deputies said Stratton continued staring at the couple and making racial comments then said he was, “just looking for a piece of (expletive),” in reference to the victim’s wife…

‘Deputies said two bar patrons tried to separate the fight but two of Stratton’s family members, 20-year-old John Noe and 52-year-old Troy Noe, jumped in and began throwing punches at the victims.’

The witness who called 911 said that the black man was being “beat to a pulp” with no one to defend him. The three-on-one fight continued with no one able to separate the three white racists from their victim until police arrived.

‘Deputies said surveillance footage from the bar showed that the victim and his wife were minding their business at the bar when Warren began instigating and his two relatives jumped in when the fight turned physical.’

All three men were arrested and charged with a hate crime. Noe’s charge was later lowered even though he continued to verbally berate the victim and yell racial slurs even after the fight was broken up, but Stratton and Warren’s charges remain the same.

‘When Warren was approached at his residence in Oak Hill, deputies said he was on the phone with someone and sounded as if he was “trying to get his story together.” He admitted to asking the victim if he was from Africa because “that’s where they all come from” but he denied any wrongdoing, according to the report.’

To hear the 911 call, see audio file below:

Featured image screenshot via video