Manafort To Be Transferred To One Of America’s Most Dangerous Prisons


Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, learned his fate on Tuesday after a judge handed down the terms of his sentencing, including the location and the conditions under which he’ll be held.

For numerous federal crimes, including tax and bank fraud as well as conspiracies against the country, Manafort will spend his lengthy sentence at Rikers Island in New York, reportedly one of the most dangerous prisons in the country. He’ll be held in solitary confinement during his stay.

The Daily Beast reports:

‘The brutal prison on New York’s Rikers Island has been home to some of the most notorious criminals in the city’s history, from serial killer David Berkowitz to John Lennon’s murderer, Mark David Chapman—and now it’s set to add Paul Manafort to its rogues gallery. The former Trump campaign chairman—who was sentenced this year to four years in prison—will be transferred there this week from a minimum-security facility in Pennsylvania.’

Manafort’s lawyers are complaining that the sentence is too hard, saying that “he’s not a mob boss” and acting as though only mob bosses are sent to Rikers Island and/or kept in solitary confinement. It’s always an interesting paradox to see what cruel treatment people arbitrarily agree with.

‘A source close to Manafort reportedly told the network Manafort will be kept in solitary confinement, complaining: “He’s not a mob boss.” Manafort’s defense team will appeal the decision, which came from a New York State judge.’

However, human rights advocates aren’t compromising their views on Rikers or solitary confinement and argue that accepting it as a legitimate punishment for one person but not others undermines the debate. Although it is true that most white, wealthy people who enjoy a certain amount of privilege rarely suffer the same fate as those who do not have privilege, this is a moot point when supporting inhumane treatment for prisoners.

As Shaun King pointed out:

‘When a man like Paul Manafort gets sent to jail or prison, it gets real easy to see who actually cares about fair sentencing and prison conditions and who doesn’t really care at all. We can’t scream for harshness with Manafort – then leniency with our own. Just be consistent.’

Featured image screenshot via YouTube