Trump Tweets Ass-Kissing Video Of Hannity, Praising Him Like A Boot-Licker


As more evidence and clarification is released regarding the Mueller report, the fewer defenders Donald Trump has. Even some Fox News commentators and guests have begun to turn on the president, much to his dismay, but he’ll never lose his most fervent and conspiracy-minded supporter, Sean Hannity.

On Friday morning, Trump began his day with tweets of three videos from Hannity’s show and one from his interview with Laura Ingraham, and the segments he chose are laughable in their irony. In one, Hannity bemoans the “biased news” media, in two others, he shows the world what biased media looks like.

Hannity and his friend, Dan Bongino, are outraged that most news networks said the president gave a fine D-Day speech but didn’t spend the entire day praising him for reading a pre-written speech off a teleprompter. Hannity complained about the media “waking up and hating” Trump, continuing to report on their “conspiracy theories” while great speeches are being given, and Bongino called Jim Acosta and other mainstream news media personalities “politicians.”

One has to wonder if Hannity remembers any episode of his own show between 2008 and 2016, or the wild conspiracy theories about President Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton during that time. After all, Hannity was once forced to apologize to the family of Seth Rich after drumming a false conspiracy about the poor man’s murder, linking it to Clinton and the DNC, into his viewer’s heads until the Rich family demanded he stop exploiting their son.

The panel then turned to bashing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, defending the president and insisting that, as always, if Trump is guilty it’s because his investigation was rigged.

Twitter was not as impressed with Trump’s speech as Hannity thought they should be, and no one is buying the conspiracies around the Mueller report. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license