Trump Delivers Absurd Twitter Rant & Looks Like A Total Ass


Donald Trump whines about negative coverage and congressional oversight as if he were never a private citizen who rallied Republicans around birtherism and criticized every move President Obama ever made. He’s a classic case of not being able to take the heat but refusing to leave the kitchen.

All of the wonderful, positive poll numbers Trump tweeted about on Saturday morning came from One America News Network, or OAN, a “news” outlet that’s even more far-right and pro-Trump than Fox News. For all Trump’s railing against “fake news,” he sure is a fan of those types of outlets. For the record, polls in 2016 were not fake news, they reported what the polls reflected and three million more people voted the way the polls said they would rather than for Trump.

Trump also scoured Dan Scavino’s Twitter feed for positive reports about himself and, unsurprisingly, found many. That’s because Scavino is the¬†White House Director of Social Media and his job is to say flattering things about Trump on Twitter. He’s basically a hired cheerleader for the president, so it’s unsurprising that he would say flattering things and that he would twist stories into Trump’s favor. That’s literally his job.

The truth is that Trump is not doing well in head-to-head matchups with 2020 Democratic candidates and that, as reports of Trump’s many failings as a president, a former candidate, and a failed businessman are released, the more American voters are deciding that Trump needs to go in 2020. He’s hurt farmers with his ridiculous trade war, commits vile human rights abuses against immigrants, and lies every time he breathes. What else would the American people do but grow distrustful of him?

Twitter wasn’t impressed with Trump’s Saturday Twitter rants. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license