NY Attorney Opens Up Can Of Whoop Ass & Trump’s Kids Should Be Terrified


President Donald Trump remains perpetually opposed to the rule of law. This Monday, he took to Twitter to complain about New York Attorney General Letitia James in an outlandish display of power hunger that should set off many alarm bells coming from a U.S. president. Even as the commentary ends up figuring into a much broader picture of Trump swinging a metaphorical sledgehammer around D.C., James responded bluntly shortly after the president’s Twitter meltdown. She asserted that she’s not backing down from her effort to enforce the rule of law, whether the president likes it or not.

She shared:

‘As the elected AG of NY, I have a sworn duty to protect & uphold state law. My office will follow the facts of any case, wherever they lead. Make no mistake: No one is above the law, not even the President.’

She added a note about her name, since Trump didn’t even mention that in his original tirade, simply referring to her as “a bludgeoning tool” that Governor Andrew Cuomo uses¬† “for his own purposes.” One of James’ most prominent cases — which the president mentioned in his complaint — is that which she’s carried forward against the now defunct Trump Foundation.

She and her predecessors in the New York state Attorney General’s office have alleged that the organization engaged in a wild pattern of self-dealing, meaning money from its coffers was used to pad the Trumps’ own personal lifestyles. There is a publicly available sheaf of evidence supporting this conclusion, like the time tens of thousands of dollars from the foundation went to then-Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi while she was considering pursuing a case against the fraudulent educational endeavor Trump University. After receiving the money, she dropped the case.

On Twitter this week, Trump asserted the case should be dropped because the foundation supposedly “took Zero rent & expenses & gave away¬†more money than it had” — however that would work. Trump has previously claimed that as president, he has fulfilled more promises than he made, so he has a long established love of egomaniacal superlatives. That’s not going to save him from the force of the law, though. Special Counsel Robert Mueller couldn’t charge him with obstruction of justice because of standing Justice Department precedent against indicting a sitting president, but Trump won’t be in the White House forever.

Check out Twitter’s response below…

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