Trump Whines About Abuse He’s Suffered In Saturday Twitter Rant


While migrant children sit in cages long past the legal time period that they can be held in detention, in filthy surroundings and with filthy clothes, some reporting physical and sexual assaults, Trump actually used the word “abuse” in a tweet about the Mueller investigation.

Judicial Watch is a right-wing website and Tom Fitton is a right-wing conspiracy theorist who profits off the distractions Trump craves. There is absolutely no indication or reports of Special Counsel Robert Mueller having deleted texts between the two FBI agents, and Trump has some nerve constantly referring to their affair as some kind of proof of anything.

The ICE raids that are planned for Sunday, the tensions escalating with Iran, and all of the other crises Trump has invented over the past week are related to one thing and one thing only: Mueller is set to testify publicly in front of Congress and Trump knows what is going to happen. His “no collusion, no obstruction” claims will no longer stand.

Mueller promised once before that, should he be subpoenaed to testify in front of Congress, he would do nothing more than refer to the report that he and his investigative team compiled after two years. That’s more than enough to undermine Trump’s claims of “total exoneration,” since the report in no way exonerated him. While calling Mueller to testify may seem superflous to all of us who have followed the case from the beginning, millions of Americans who have not read the report were fooled by Trump’s claims of exoneration. Mueller’s testimony will disabuse them of that notion, and Trump is running scared.

Twitter wasn’t falling for the distraction. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license