Racist Chant Loudly Erupts At Rally & Donald Yells ‘Bullshit!’ (VIDEO)


You probably never thought Trump could top calling the Charlottesville White Supremacists “very fine people” but he managed to do that on Sunday when he suggested that four highly respected Congresswomen of color go “back to their home countries.”

Well, guess what? Wednesday night at one of his “I’m ‘president’ and you’re not” rallies in Greenville, NC, he just one-upped himself again, and his “basket of deplorables” loved every second of it!

During his speech the president defended his tweets and subsequent racist remarks about the Congresswomen he attacked on Sunday, but this time he zeroed in on the one woman who wasn’t born in America — Rep. Ilhan Omar. He called her “anti-American” and listed several reasons why he thought this was true, one being that he believes her to be a “vicious” anti-semitic who “belittled” 9/11. And, as he does, Trump dramatically paused for effect after each pointedly racist statement as the crowd chanted, “SEND HER BACK” over and over…

The display of overt racism is absolutely disgusting. Just watch:

Once again, he will likely get away with this and then go on and say WORSE things tomorrow. It’s absolutely insane that this is happening.

He was definitely on a roll tonight… He also made time for some digs at the Mueller investigation. It seems like he really doesn’t care about the actual words that are coming out of his mouth, because while complaining about the investigation, he heard a man in the audience say what Trump described as a “terrible word.” Trump, acknowledging the man, said at first that he wouldn’t repeat it:

‘I won’t say it.’

But then he just decided what the heck and said:

‘So I won’t say that this guy said if we didn’t have the “bullshit…” that’s right…’

Of course, the crowd went wild. Watch:

Imagine what would have happened if President Obama had behaved this way when he was in office!

This has to stop. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony had better be good!

Featured image via screenshot