Eric Trump Goes Full Stupid During LIVE Nationwide Interview


Eric Trump thinks that the fact that his dad — incumbent President Donald Trump — got more corn kernels put in the bucket with his name on it at the recent Iowa State Fair than the relatively unknown former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld got in his bucket is a matter of pressing national urgency that the mainstream media is terrible for not covering in more detail. He had a whole white hot meltdown about it during an appearance this week on Fox & Friends, claiming the lack of coverage of the so-called corn kernel poll to be evidence of some kind of media conspiracy against his dad’s re-election candidacy. What does he want journalists to do? Go interview the corn kernels?

He railed:

‘Trump’s bowl was totally overflowing, but they’ll actually only show the Democrats. They only show these little ones… They won’t show the one on red podium, which is Trump’s, which is literally filled to the top and overflowing… It is sick that that has to be narrative in this country and no one can even talk about it unless somebody comes over with phone, snaps a picture because they happen to be a supporter, and it ends up going viral.’

Check it out below:

Eric is really upset about these corn kernels. Perhaps someone should get him some popcorn. Is he aware that — despite his narrative about the oh-so-terrible media oppression pushing down the Trumpian narrative — he’s on national television discussing these corn kernels?

It’s not a point of national news that Donald Trump is winning the race for the Republican presidential nomination, let alone an indication that those who aren’t exactly gravitating towards his standing are “sick.” Trump is the incumbent president of the United States with the already explicit backing of his party’s national committee. There’s not even really a “race” going on. The “corn kernel poll” is designed to casually measure levels of support from voters for candidates competing in the respective major political parties’ presidential primary races. Ironically, former Vice President and Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden managed an expressed level around the same point as his support in other, far more scientific polling. He finished with about 24 percent of the kernels distributed among the Democrats.

If the best that the Trump team has got going into the general election race against whoever Democrats eventually pick as their presidential nominee is that they’ve been dealt a grave injustice via a lack of corn kernel coverage, they’re going to have a fun time.

Down in reality, where probably the vast majority of Americans really couldn’t care less about the results of the Iowa State Fair corn kernel poll, Eric’s dad continues to poor grimly against most if not all of the leading Democratic presidential primary candidates. Put up against Biden, he’s about eight and a half percent down. Put up against Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, he’s 2.4 percent or so down and sometimes more. Facing Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, he finishes with about 5.3 percent less of the support than the popular left-wing figure, all of which is according to some of the latest numbers from RealClearPolitics.

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