New Trump Approval Polls Released & Numbers Show A Giant Blue Wave


Donald Trump may like to brag about his poll numbers with Rasmussen, which has always issued shady and GOP-friendly results that align with no other poll results, but more accurate polls show that Trump’s support even among his base is slipping ahead of the 2020 elections.

Overall, Trump’s ratings are still well underwater at -13 percent. He remains the only president to have never reached a 50 percent approval rating in any major poll, and his recent numbers are coming in at lower even than his average. While his poll numbers with women are decidedly lower than with men, college education plays a hefty role in perceptions of Trump’s job performance, as well.

The Monmouth University poll found that:

‘Trump’s overall job rating stands at 40% approve and 53% disapprove, which is similar to his 41% to 50% rating in June. Over the past 12 months, the president’s approval rating has ranged between 40% and 44% in Monmouth’s polling while his disapproval rating has ranged between 49% and 54%. The usual demographic clefts remain present – men are divided on the president’s job performance (49% approve and 43% disapprove) while women are decidedly negative (31% approve and 62% disapprove). White Americans without a college degree tend to approve of Trump (55% approve and 37% disapprove), while the reverse is true among white college graduates (38% approve and 57% disapprove).’

Most notably, Trump is underwater in the counties that he most needs to win in 2020. While more red counties are still leaning toward Trump, it’s those vital swing counties that will decide the presidential elections. There, the president’s support stands at only 35 percent. A large majority, 60 percent, say a leadership change is in order.

‘In approximately 300 “swing” counties, accounting for about one-fifth of the total U.S. electorate, only 35% back the incumbent’s reelection compared with 60% who want a new occupant in the White House. Since March, support for Trump’s reelection has ranged between 33% and 45% across these swing counties. In 2016, Trump lost the cumulative vote in these counties by just one percentage point.’

While impeachment is still not widely popular among voters, it doesn’t appear that voters feel he isn’t impeachable. Rather, the majority feel that efforts would be wasted since Republicans in Congress will never support it and Democrats may be harmed in upcoming elections as a result. Only 10 percent of voters feel that impeachment is undesirable because Trump is innocent of impeachable acts.

‘Just over a third (35%) of Americans feel that Trump should be impeached and compelled to leave the presidency while a clear majority (59%) disagree with this course of action. Support for the president’s removal via impeachment has ranged between 35% and 42% since Monmouth started asking this question in July 2017, with the current results at the low end of that range. Opposition to impeachment has been between 53% and 59% during the same time…Among those who disapprove of Trump but feel that an impeachment inquiry is a bad idea right now, 26% say it would be a waste of resources, 16% say it would backfire on the Democrats, 16% say it is too late in Trump’s term to start this process, 10% feel that Trump has not done anything impeachable, 10% say there is no point because the Senate won’t remove him, 8% say Congress should be focused on other issues, and 7% say an inquiry would be bad for the country. Another 15% of this group offer general negative comments about Trump.’

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license