Trump Floods Twitter During Weird Labor Day AM Tirade Like A Drunk


Donald Trump has been talking about “Trump Economics.” Is that where a person spends wildly, actually loses money running a casino — where the house always wins, — then asks his father to bail him out? POTUS appears to believe he knows more about the economy than his experts, so hang on, it is going to be a wild ride that is beginning in tweets.

The president must really be frightened. He opened his phone and a flood of tweets poured out on a group of wide-ranging topics. Maybe, he was afraid Hurricane Dorian would get Mar-a-Lago:

Here are the 5 AM Monday, September 2 Key Messages for Hurricane #Dorian. Life-threatening storm surge and hurricane-force winds are expected along portions of the Florida east coast through mid-week. Visit for more info.’

He has never had hourly hurricane watches, so the only variable to Dorian was his winter White House being so close to the monster storm:

Hurricane #Dorian Advisory 36: Category 5 Dorian Continues to Have Devastating Impacts On Grand Bahama Island.’

Then, he was off to claim credit for his tariffs:

‘“When you put everything together, the pro growth Tax & Regulation Cuts, help to retrain workers, the Tariffs which encourage manufacturers to come back to America, along with President Trumps tough approach on immigration (strong stance on illegals, promoting Merit Based), it…’

Trump boasted about his “pro-worker policy agenda:”

….adds up to the most ambitious Pro-Worker policy agenda this Country has ever seen. The President promised Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, and that is exactly what he is delivering.” @SteveHiltonx @NextRevFNC @FoxNews’

POTUS claimed he was building “jobs, jobs, jobs:”

Of course, the president has been worried about losing in the 2020 elections. Being a loser, especially to a “girl” has been his worst nightmare. He has been calling out journalists by name and does not forget:

‘Since my election, many trillions of dollars of worth has been created for our Country, and the Stock Market is up over 50%. If you followed the advice of the Failing New York Times columnist, Paul Krugman, you’d be doing VERY poorly – you’d be angry and hurt. He never got it!’

Then, Trump went after the unions:

‘Just watched AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on @FoxNews and thought to myself how different he is on TV than he is when he is with me at the White House. Likes what we are doing until the cameras go on. We got robbed on Trade and everything else while his Dems just sat back….’

POTUS also went after NAFTA:

….and watched. NAFTA is the worst Trade Deal ever made – terrible for labor – and Richard let it stand. No wonder unions are losing so much. The workers will vote for me in 2020 (lowest unemployment, most jobs ever), and should stop paying exorbitant $Dues, not worth it!’

Then, Trump quoted Fox’s Lou Dobbs, his expert:

‘“They are liars, and in my opinion, TRAITORS!” @LouDobbs talking about Comey and his dwindling group of friends.’

Unfortunately, the president does not realize people know their wages are not increasing:

‘….Average hourly wages growth has far outpaced what we saw with President Obama. Across all industries, from mining and construction, to leisure & hospitality, With President Trump we see income growth in states like Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, Florida,……’

Let us all hear it for “Trump Economics:”

‘….Trump Economics. With President Trump, Tariffs are bringing companies back to the USA like he said they would! @SteveHiltonx’

Trump had to go after a truthteller, The Washington Post:

‘The Amazon Washington Post did a story that I brought racist attacks against the “Squad.” No, they brought racist attacks against our Nation. All I do is call them out for the horrible things they have said. The Democrats have become the Party of the Squad!’

Twitter world went wild. Check out some of our favorites below:
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