Trump Tweets Senselessly As Massive Storms Continue To Roll In


As this week gets underway, millions across the southeastern United States are continuing to face threats from the massive Hurricane Dorian, and many people across The Bahamas have already suffered the storm’s brutality. This Tuesday afternoon, President Donald Trump took to social media with some retweets of the latest updates from the National Hurricane Center — which just to be clear, operates as part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), whose evidence-based warnings about the climate have previously been explicitly ignored by figures like Trump. But hey — Trump’s gotta at least try and look like some kind of reasonable leader, right?

He also added a personal message reminding followers to continue to take Dorian seriously, even as its center stays off shore. Even on this point, he falls short, since just the other day he suggested he maybe hadn’t heard of a Category 5 hurricane before. A number of such storms have unfolded while Trump has been in office — including Maria, which ransacked Puerto Rico and Trump has complained about having to help with recovery from.

He shared:

‘The U.S. may be getting a little bit lucky with respect to Hurricane Dorian, but please don’t let down your guard. As it heads up the coast, lots of very bad and unpredictable things can happen! On the other hand, the Bahamas have been devastated. We are sending crews to help!’

As if he’s still living out the big trucks fantasy that he’s expressed in multiple public appearances like the recent Pennsylvania speech in which he proudly proclaimed “I love trucks!” a couple of the updates he made sure to also retweet included footage partly a couple of hours old of a Hurricane Hunter aircraft landing back in the United States after a mission. Those aircraft have flown into Dorian numerous times over recent days to provide key data about the storm.

At times, the storm had been forecast to slam right into the United States, but many areas were spared a direct hit and left with threats like storm surge as opposed to that and something like 220 mph wind gusts, which were reported in The Bahamas.

Check out Twitter’s response…

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