Pelosi Outshines Trump With Inspiring 9/11 Message To Voters


As the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks got underway this week, the political divisions that have wracked the United States under the reign of President Donald Trump did not go away — just ask those concerned over Trump inviting the Taliban to Camp David days before that anniversary. Still, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) helped lead commemoration of the event, proving more of a leader on a basic level than Trump himself, it seems. Trump spent part of the morning whining on Twitter about what he called the “LameStream Media,” while Pelosi took to the platform to call for Americans to remember the “true spirit of American greatness” — the aspects of which she named make Trump seem out of place, to put it lightly.

She shared:

We must always remember how the true spirit of American greatness – compassion, generosity & a commitment to the ideals of freedom, justice and equality – lifted every community during one of America’s darkest moments. #NeverForget

Although it’s been noted before in the context of things like a basic call for upholding democratic principles, it’s a wonder — in the worst way — when something as basic and fundamental as calling for a remembrance of “compassion, generosity… freedom, justice and equality” can be taken as a direct affront against the sitting president of the United States. Trump has defined his time in office with steps like his efforts to wall off an entire country, deport as many people as possible, and otherwise dig deep into any divisions he can find before plastering them up around the world to try and hype up his supporters.

Trump has even in the past taken the opportunity of remembering 9/11 to blatantly lie about the event. For instance, he’s claimed that he saw American Muslims rejoicing in the streets after the attacks, going from that blatant lie considering that never happened to his idea that we should ban all Muslims from entering the United States. No matter what he and his cronies say now, Trump has pushed for a ban on an entire ethnicity and religion without any evidence of need for that — and that’s his legacy.

Check out Twitter’s response to Pelosi…