Liz Warren Targets Donald Trump’s Sister For Corruption


The family that nurtured Donald Trump has remained primarily in the background. His grandfather escaped from Germany after he refused his military obligations. Once here, he ran a series of gold rush oases of food, beds, and women. What about the rest of his family?

The president’s father made the family fortune in real estate, and his mother emigrated from Scotland. Trump had an older brother who died at a relatively young age from the complications of alcohol, 43. He also has two sisters, Maryanne and Elizabeth and a younger brother Robert.

That brother worked in the family business but escaped to upper  New York state. One sister has been active in society, but the other  sister was a federal judge until she resigned to avoid ethics violations. The surviving siblings had various tax schemes that involved potential fraud.

Presidential candidate and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) released her plan for anti-corruption. She has been especially interested in Donald Trump’s sister, Maryanne.

According to The Daily Beast, Warren wanted to close the loophole that:

‘…allows federal judges to escape investigations for misconduct by stepping down from their post.’

Warren wrote:

‘Under my plan, investigations will remain open until their findings are made public and any penalties for misconduct are issued.’

Warren was the first Democratic presidential candidate to take on the president’s sister. Warren went on to include others in her ethics policy probe.

The Massachusetts senator also referred to allegations of sexual misconduct against former appeals court judge Alex Kozinski. She wanted to know where the allegations were when he resigned.

Warren has been after larger game, too. Her proposal included banning:

‘…lobbyists from making political contributions (and) from bundling donations or hosting fundraisers for political candidates.’

In addition, Warren wanted to prevent senior officials and federal lawmakers from serving on for-profit boards. Her plan would end the practice of courts sealing settlements that hid evidence that dealt with public health and safety.

Warren and a number of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have condemned Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh for new allegations of sexual misconduct. Several wanted to impeach the last justice to take office at the SCOTUS. If she and her running mates impeach him now, the Senate would simply let him stay in office. However, should Democrats win the 2020 Senate, that could all change.

Warren wrote:

‘Our federal court system only works if the American people have faith that it is neutrally dispensing fair-minded justice without bias or personal interests interfering in judicial decisions. If we want the American people to believe this, we need some serious judicial ethics reforms.’

Warren will give a speech in New York City at a site near the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. She wanted to introduce her policy plans tying them to the “historical struggles of workers.”

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