Kellyanne Conway Publicly Embarrassed During Weekend Meltdown


The 2020 presidential election is only getting closer, and that means more passionate campaigning from the Trump team is incoming — and if precedent is any indication, they’re going to keep up their efforts for the foreseeable future to inflame divisions in the United States. This past week, longtime Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway did just that, accusing the Democratic Party’s base of being “racist and sexist” after noting that their leading presidential candidates at present are all “white, career politicians” — although one of them (Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts) is a woman.

Still, Conway ranted at the annual state dinner of the Ohio Republican Party:

‘Their top three candidates are white, career politicians in their 60s and 70s, which I have nothing against except they certainly do. I don’t know why the heck the Democratic party electorate is so racist and sexist. I can’t figure it out.’

She may have been implying some kind of racism and sexism against white men, considering she made sure to note that she personally has nothing against those sorts of people leading the pack, although many Democratic voters “certainly do.” It should go without saying that white men have not experienced anywhere near the kind of racism and sexism that members of actually marginalized communities like black women have. Any suggestion otherwise is laughable considering the actual facts of the history of the United States and Western world. The United States has still only had one single president that wasn’t a white man.

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper responded to Conway by pointing out that the Democratic Party and its presidential primary have, in fact, repeatedly proved welcoming, not racist or sexist.

Besides pointing out that “Democrats chose the first African-American and woman candidates to run as nominees of a major party,” he shared:

‘With a broad field of diverse candidates, our primary process has shown the strength of our party. It is clear that Kellyanne and the president are worried about Ohio since they’re here every other week.’

Among the many (although slowly but surely dwindling) Democratic presidential primary candidates, there are people representing diverse ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, genders, and more. Meanwhile, the majority of the Republican Party’s leaders continue to be white men.

Conway has a history of taking any challenges to this regime as some kind of personal affront. She’s insisted that those concerned about Russian interference in the 2016 election are just taking away from her status as the first woman to run a successful presidential campaign — although that’s really, completely, entirely not what it was about. Trying to find the facts and find alternative voices to deliver those facts is not all about you, Kellyanne.

The best the Trump team has unveiled heading into the 2020 elections is a slew of nicknames against Trump’s potential general election challengers, and that’s pretty much it. Although leading margins have varied, each of the leading Democratic presidential primary candidates have consistently polled well against Trump. These candidates include former Vice President Joe Biden and Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

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