Jim Jordan Has PR Nightmare During Live CNN Appearance


Things aren’t going so great in the Trump camp, which includes Republican Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, who’s made a name for himself through things like shouting out conspiracy theories about secret coalitions inside the federal government. This weekend on CNN’s State of the Union, he continued shouting conspiracy theories, this time in response to the now formal impeachment inquiry against his Dear Leader Trump. Unsurprisingly, he found no issue with the behavior serving as a key spark for the investigation, which covers Trump trying to get Ukraine to dig up dirt on the Bidens. As if he’s completely disconnected from reality now, he insisted that there’s “nothing” to the call record in which Trump asked the Ukrainian president for a “favor” to help Trump 2020. Where’s the line with these people? Is there one?

Host Jake Tapper asked a frantic Jordan what his take was on the small but growing number of Republicans who’ve expressed support for getting to the bottom of the Ukraine scandal and opposition to what the president did. He explained in reply:

‘A couple things. I don’t have any problem with the call — we’ve now seen the transcript. The president of Ukraine said that there was no pressure, that he was not pushed. Look: if Democrats want to impeach because Rudy Giuliani talked a couple Ukrainians, good luck with that. I don’t think the American people think that’s the appropriate course of action. I think they see this for what it is. This is just one of the many and unending attacks the Democrats have leveled against this president. The Democrats just put us through three years of this phony Russian collusion investigation and now, on the heels of that, they come right back with this. We’ve all seen the transcript. There’s nothing there.’

Eventually, as Jordan threw out more and more hyped up nonsense tales about the supposed real villains of the story, Tapper had to exclaim:

‘Sir, it’s not gymnastics — it’s facts!’

Jordan didn’t care.

Where’s the line with these people? If Trump had ordered a hit in that transcript, considering precedent, there’s no reason to think that Jordan or his cronies would find any problem with the situation. We’ve already gone over this, all the way back to the point where Trump claimed he could shoot somebody and not lose support.

Jordan is outlandishly wrong in suggesting he “knows” the American people don’t want impeachment. A significant portion of them do.

In one recent NPR-PBS NewsHour-Marist survey, a full 49 percent of those surveyed said they supported impeachment, while only 46 percent said they did not. That poll’s level of support for impeachment spiked by 10 percent since the previous reading — and it goes on from there. For instance, a recently released Harvard CAPS-Harris survey found an even split with 50 percent supporting impeachment and the same level in opposition.

That’s not where the issue ends though. Jordan is proving here that the level of evidence required to get him to acknowledge the realities of the situation does not exist. He’s calling an investigation phony that’s included half a dozen of the president’s associates facing criminal charges, and in this case, the issue is not that Rudy Giuliani talked to a couple Ukrainians. It’s that the president of the United States used the power of his office to try and pressure a foreign government to help his re-election campaign.

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