Obama Tweets Message That Has Melania Trump Jealous


Oh how far we have fallen. This week, on Thursday to be precise, the Obamas celebrated their wedding anniversary — and lo and behold, in the age of President Donald Trump’s time in the White House, even this kind of thing has become a point of visible distinction between those in government now and those we could have had. Where President Donald Trump might have stuck to ranting on Fox News — which he actually did one time on Melania’s birthday, fumbling when asked what he’d do for it — former President Barack Obama posted a loving Twitter message this Thursday in honor of his relationship with his wife, former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Alongside a photo of the two of them looking out on a horizon, the former president wrote:

‘Like the Beatles said: It’s getting better all the time. Thanks, babe, for 27 amazing years!’

Michelle had a message of her own, writing on her Twitter page alongside a photo of the two of them at a waterfront:

’27 years ago, this guy promised me a life full of adventure. I’d say he’s delivered. Here’s to our next chapter of becoming empty nesters and discovering what’s next—while still feeling the magic that brought us together all those years ago. Happy anniversary, Barack.’

The Obamas have maintained a definite public profile in the time since they left the White House through means like a deal they struck with Netflix to produce specials like a recent documentary that came out chronicling the story of a struggling Midwestern factory.

They have also offered direct affronts to Trump’s belligerence on numerous occasions, having for instance campaigned on Democrats’ behalf in the lead-up to the 2018 midterm elections and directly denouncing Trump as desperately out of place in the White House.

At least they’re not resorting to the kind of messaging the Trump team has used — besides, uh, “highlights” like that Melania’s birthday Fox News rant, the Trump White House has also observed special occasions through means like a Twitter post with a photo of an unsmiling Melania sitting alone in a crowded room. Are they trying to look weird and aloof or what?

Check out Twitter’s response…

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