Trump Rants Against Kurds, Invites Russians’-Turks’ Bloodbath


Donald Trump had a midnight call with one of his dictator buddies, Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Immediately afterward he announced he was going to throw the Kurds under his bus. Not only that, another dictator buddy, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, coordinated with Turkey to carry out a bloodbath on one of America’s best allies. This the latest.

The military community was stunned that he would let the courageous Kurdish women and men warriors who took out ISIS for America to this fate. The U.S. in return, was supposed to protect them from Erdogan. POTUS drove a  stake into the heart of that agreement.

Turkey lost no time pulling into the area that the Kurds view as their home and bombed them. The scope of what Trump did to hurt the Kurds and the U.S. was huge and multi-layered. The Turkish ground troops started into the Kurdish territory hours ago.

SOURCE: The Washington Post.

Trump let loose 12,000 hardened ISIS members the Kurds were jailing and 73,000 of their hardened family members. These were ISIS members with passports and a deep hatred of our nation.

Trump had to face reporters for the first time. One asked them asked what would happen if the ISIS fighters escape their jails in Syria and scattered across the globe?

Trump said in essence, no big deal. They will just be “escaping to Europe:”

‘They will be escaping to Europe. Europe did not want to them. They could have had trials, they could have done what they wanted, but as usual, it is not reciprocal. My favorite word, reciprocal. That is what I want. I do not want an edge, I want reciprocal. It is not a fair deal for the United States. When President Obama took the PKK, you know where they bring in the PKK, that is a tough deal because that has been a mortal enemy of Turkey. So when you bring them into a partnership, that is a tough situation.’

Trump continued on his rant. Even though the Turkish military far outguns the Kurds, he claimed it was harder on Turkey, after all, they have “hated each other for many years. Hundreds of years:”

‘It is tougher on Turkey and it is tough for them. They have hated each other for many years. For hundreds of years. It is amazing when you look at history and you look at culture. You look at the length of time, they have been fighting for so long. So we impose ourselves into it. I said it yesterday, the single worst country of the United States — if you take a look at what we are doing with these countries and the relationships we have with countries, but maybe putting it a different way — the worst mistake that the United States has ever made was going into the Middle East. It is a quagmire.’

Of course, Trump believed that whatever he did was the right thing. He turned to the U.S. military and took a bow for rebuilding it. Then, he said other countries should do the same. Was he hinting that he was going to pull out of NATO and security systems in Europe?

He must have just forgotten that the Taliban was the terrorist organization that attacked the U.S. killing thousands of Americans. That was the original reason the U.S. became embroiled in Afghanistan. Thousands of Kurds have died fightings on the front line for the U.S. against ISIS. Not for their war, but for ours.

Then, POTUS said something odder than usual. He said that while he opposed the Turks bombing the Kurds, a deal is needed with Russia over it. What?

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