Biden Issues Late-Night Trump Takedown After Rally Performance


Thursday, President Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he repeatedly turned to one of his favorite topics — the Bidens. At one point, he even suggested the Trump campaign should make a shirt reading: “Where’s Hunter?” referring to former Vice President Joe Biden’s son who they’ve claimed is guilty of financial crimes and has been hiding out (or something). The former vice president responded to the behavior with a late night public statement posted to Twitter, where he denounced the spectacle, which he characterized as “weakness” that has no place in the U.S.

Of the elder Biden in particular, Trump claimed Thursday night that he “knew how to kiss Barack Obama’s ass” (if only that was an isolated example of similar language). Biden wrote:

I spent my night at the HRC forum talking about the fundamental respect every human being deserves. You spent yours showing how little respect for anyone else you have. America is so much stronger than your weakness, @realDonaldTrump’

It’s true — Biden joined a number of other Democratic presidential primary candidates at a Human Rights Campaign forum broadcast on CNN covering LGBTQ rights. There were some viral moments from the evening, like leading candidate and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s explanation of how she’d handle someone against gay marriage. She said that if someone believed marriage was between one man and one woman exclusively, then they can go right ahead and marry “one woman” – “if they could find one,” she added to laughs.

Meanwhile, the incessant Biden targeting has come to define Trump’s behavior lately to the point of helping spark a currently ongoing House impeachment inquiry into him. This may come as a surprise to the man who seems to have assumed he had nearly or entirely unlimited power as president — just look at his commentary about Article II of the Constitution — but U.S. presidents face consequences when they ask foreign governments (like Ukraine) to investigate domestic political opponents (like the Bidens)!

The best Trump’s got in response includes rambling rally performances and blanket, false assertions about how supposedly out of line the impeachment inquiry really is. It’s not, though — targets of judicial investigations don’t get to set the terms of those investigations!

Check out Twitter’s response…

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