Protestors Swarm White House & Whistle So Loud It’s Heard Inside


With the whole world watching the happenings on Capitol Hill right now, it was the perfect time for the public to gather together and march on Washington and straight to the White House to speak up on behalf of our nation and probably everyone else on the planet who is keeping up with this disaster of a “president.”

Today, hundreds of protesters gathered outside the White House as part of the #MarchToImpeach. Some were chanting and others were blowing whistles so loud, that they could be heard by aides inside the White House.

Similar protests happened around the country simultaneously, as well as at Trump’s golf course in New Jersey where, of course, he could be found “working hard for America” today.

in Chicago:

There were also protests in Portland today, as demonstrators marched outside the Sondland Hotel — Gordon Sondland has been identified as a key witness who will testify in front of Congress as part of Trump’s impeachment inquiry.


Featured image via Twitter screenshot.