Ivanka Tweets Moronic Response To Dem Debate & Regrets It Fast


Ivanka and Don Jr. Trump has been having symbolic knife fights over who will inherit the American government. Their father pitted all of his children against one another. As her preferred inheritor, the first daughter tweeted about the Democratic debates.

Her opinions tend to come across as vapid, illogical, and well, boring. For some reason she retweeted this tweet, sucking up to her dad, before responding to the Democrats’ debate hosted by CNN and The New York Times:

In the historically strong economy under @POTUS, access to high-quality child care becomes even more important: “Child care is an undisputed work-related expense for most of America’s working families.”— @IvankaTrump’

Then just like POTUS, the president’s daughter managed to turn the 2020 Democratic candidate debate all about herself. She plucked out of the hours-long debate a pat on her and her father’s back about “childcare for working families:”

Lots of discussion at #DemDebate on the importance of affordable, high- quality childcare for working families. We agree, and have been taking action:

2x Child Tax Credit, 40% increase, the largest ever, in Fed support for State Childcare programs, Passed PFL Tax Credit’

Twitter world rocketed after Ivanka’s tweets. Look at what these people thought:


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