Trump Rally Turns Crazy After Donald Has Level 10 Meltdown


Today was a big day in Dallas, and not for a good reason, either. Trump came to town, and as you can imagine, the entire city was basically put on hold. The traffic downtown was at a standstill affecting the outskirts of the city as far north as Plano, and as far south as Ft. Worth, where Trump landed earlier today before catching a helicopter to American Airlines Center, where he was met with a less than packed house that was literally surrounded by protesters.

The rally was the usual display of people wearing MAGA hats and Trump fan wear, and Trump was as can be expected — an oversized, blubbering buffoon who seemed to take great pride talking about how awesome he is and how great the economy is, yada yada… But once he got through all that usual BS, he said some other things that were pretty shocking with regard to the devastating and deadly mess that he created in Syria, as Turkey, up until a 120-hour ceasefire deal was reached, viciously murdered thousands of our Kurdish allies.

At one point during his appearance (or should I say, “performance”), he had the audacity to say that that “all” Republicans on Capitol Hill are “happy” with the deal he cut with Turkey. He also likened the Turkish attack on Kurds to schoolyard fight, stating, “Let them fight and then you pull them apart.”

‘Sometimes you have to let them fight a little while.

‘Sometimes you have to let them fight. It’s like two kids in a lot, you got to let them fight and then you pull them apart.’

He has caused the deaths of THOUSANDS of innocent people and he’s calling it a school yard fight?! It’s unbelievable!

He also set his sights on presidential hopeful, Joe Biden, accusing him of engaging in “quid pro quo” and stated:

‘Look at the terrible foreign corruption of the Bidens. I hate to talk about him. You know why? I don’t think he’s got a chance.

According to reports:

‘Trump said that the then-vice president was in charge of Ukraine policy for the Obama administration and sought the firing of the then-Ukrainian prosecutor general while his son, Hunter “was paid massive sums of money [to] buy a Ukrainian energy company.”

‘”Now that’s what you call quid pro quo,” Trump said.’

He also zeroed in on the Democrats, and spent a significant part of his 87-minute speech (the 8th longest speech of his career), railing against Nancy Pelosi and the impeachment inquiry.

According to the Dallas Morning News:

 ‘Trump told a “packed” house at American Airlines Center Thursday night that the impeachment inquiry against him was an effort by “enraged” Democrats to rewrite the 2016 election, since they can’t beat him at the ballot box.

‘“The more America achieves the more hateful and enraged these crazy Democrats become,” Trump said. “They’re crazy. They’re crazy. At stake in this fight is American democracy itself.”

‘He called Democrats “corrupt people.” Numerous times he called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “crazy” and “nuts,” to applause and cheers from the crowd.

‘“They are destroying this country, and we will never let it happen,” adding that “what they’re really doing is coming after and fighting you and we never lose.”’

He also said that the move to impeach him was going to backfire and help him win in 2020 and stated point-blank:

‘It’s going to be a landslide.

‘We have to make it a landslide.’

If you can stomach it, feel free watch the full speech here:

Featured image via screenshot.