Acosta Upstages Trump With Friday Afternoon Muti-Tweet Take Down


Donald Trump’s least favorite journalist is CNN’s Jim Acosta However, the reporter may have just pointed out something that could save POTUS’ neck. This is what happened.

Acosta has more than one million followers on Twitter, and he just caught a threat by Turkey’s dictator Recep Erdogan. The letter that the American president sent to the Turkish leader, the one that Trump was so proud of, came across as very the Turk. Acosta tweeted:

Wow. #Erdogan tells news conference the letter sent by @realDonaldTrump telling him not to be a “tough guy” wasn’t in line with diplomatic or political customs. He said they wouldn’t forget the lack of respect. “When the time comes necessary steps will be taken”’

Then, Acosta went on to notify his followers about the history-making all-women spacewalk and the president’s “Can you hear me, now?” moment:

Happening now – Trump to astronauts on Space Station: “Station this is President Donald Trump can you hear me?”’

Then, the journalist was back at it, tweeting that he had questioned Trump about his acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney’s astounding confession yesterday:

‘I asked Trump about Mulvaney’s comments. His response: “he clarified.” Trump then went on to defend his moves in Syria and walked out of room.’

Trump was more interested in the career diplomat testifying in the House impeachment inquiry. Acosta noted that first daughter Ivanka Trump was listening as her father talked:

‘Trump also latched on to reports about career diplomat George Kent concerns regarding Joe and Hunter during the Obama admin. The president was sitting next to his daughter Ivanka as he made the comments. Ivanka sat and listened.’

After that, Acosta went back to the all-women space walk’s place in history. The country has been living through one of the most challenging political places in history. Acosta’s good news was a good respite:

‘Putting everything in DC aside this was quite something as Trump was speaking live with astronauts on first all-women space walk.’

Then, Acosta retweeted a post by ABC’s White House news correspondent Karen Travers. She pointed out that Trump never defended Mulvaney:

Notable: @Acosta asks Trump “Do you want to clarify what Mick Mulvaney said yesterday” “I think he clarified it,” Trump says & quickly pivots (“And I do have to say this. We yesterday had a tremendous day in Texas.) Never comes back to Mulvaney quid pro quo, doesn’t defend him’

Twitter world caught fire. Check out these favorites below:

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