Trump Has Impeachment Fear Induced 5-Tweet Thursday Meltdown


As career government officials and even active members of the military stream into the closed-door House hearings, something has become quite apparent. The reason they are giving testimony that could well end those careers is simple. They do not serve this president. They serve the United States of America. Trump responded.

The behind-the-door hearings are gathering depositions. Yet, POTUS tweeted that this is the time for “Republicans to stand together” against “secret witness testimony:”

‘Now is the time for Republicans to stand together and defend the leader of their party against these smears. It would be one thing if there were any indication of an underlying crime, but there is not-not in the transcripts, and not in the secret witness testimony that…..’

He continued his attack against “this farce:”

‘…..the Dems have selectively leaked. Nor was there any corrupt intent on the part of the President. Remember, the President knew that that call was being heard and documented by many people. Anyone with intent would be a tad more discreet, don’t you think? This farce should…’

Next, he wrote that this is a crisis of “Democrats (sic) own making:”

‘…never be allowed to roll into a winter showtrial (sic). Indeed, allowing a long, drawn out  (sic) trial in the Senate would merely validate and perpetuate the fraud begun in the House. The crisis is of the Democrats (sic) own making, and it’s up to Republicans to make sure this never happens….’

Maybe, Trump did not have his first of 12  soda pops yet. He contiinued, thanking Laura Ingram:”

… any President, of either party, again. Laura @IngrahamAngle’

He also gave a shout-out to his former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker:

‘Thank you Matt.’

Then, with his huge megaphone, the president went after his anticipated Democratic challenger in 2020, Joe Biden:

‘Watch: “Joe Biden is the wrongest person on earth to be talking about al-Baghdadi’s raid. He’s the man who opposed the raid against Osama Bin Laden. Biden’s foreign policy judgment has been poor for three decades.” —@AriFleischeron criticism of Trump.’

He attacked MSM next:

‘There was a time when MSM would have gone into a feeding frenzy against a Congressman who stopped the other party from asking Qs. Not to mention MSM would have raised a storm about secret hearings w secret transcripts. Not any more. MSM now takes sides.’

Then, Trump went after his Democratic opponents:


responds to Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke’s criticism of President Trump taking credit for the killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi #nine2noon

It would be interesting if Biden did not win after all:

‘Joe Biden Repeatedly Asked Agencies To Do What Son’s Clients Wanted’

POTUS thanked his cable news:

‘Congratulations @GregGutfeldShow #1 show in cable news Saturday 18-49 & 25-54 demos Also 1.8M tuned in to the “King Of Late Night” @greggutfeld @KatTimpf @PlanetTyrus @joemachi & @PeteHegsethWanna be part of the studio audience?”

He congratulated them on one show’s rating:

‘Cable News Rankings Sun Oct 27’

Then, he punched Facebook:

‘Facebook’s decision to allow false information in political advertisements is appalling.’

Twitter world went nuts. Take a look at some of our favorites below:

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