Trump Brothers Publicly Shamed During Football Game After Tweet Backfire


This weekend, President Donald Trump continued his search for a crowd that would cheer for him. He hit the jackpot when he arrived at a college football game between the University of Alabama and Louisiana State University that was held in Tuscaloosa. The president’s adult sons Donald Jr. and Eric promptly took to Twitter to tout the cheering crowd as “real Americans” — as if the people who boo’ed their dad just very recently aren’t real Americans? They’ve reached the point where they’re seemingly fine with dividing people into acceptable and unacceptable categories based solely on support for their father.

Conservative reporter Ryan Saavedra posted a clip of the cheering crowd with the caption:

‘Real America’

Trump Jr. added:

‘I’m sure this will get a lot of media coverage…’

Just to be clear, there is no documented conspiracy in the media to bury stories that could paint Trump in a positive light. It’s just not there. At rallies, President Trump himself has gestured to rows of news cameras and said they were turning off when his rhetoric got too blunt — but that just wasn’t happening. He’s claimed that media failed to comprehensively cover Republican electoral victories — but that just wasn’t happening either. It’s the 21st Century; just Google it. They’re expecting us to believe this nonsense just because they said it.

Eric Trump added his own post about the cheers, captioning it simply with a couple of America flag emojis.

The president himself of course also chimed in. He retweeted a post that again claimed that the cheering Alabama crowd is “what the fake news media won’t show you.” That’s — again — simply false. A simple Google search reveals the cheers covered places like CNN, Newsweek, and the Associated Press.

The president added:

‘Such an amazing game & place!’

The cheers come after Trump wasn’t so lucky at events including a game of the World Series held in the D.C. area and a wrestling event held in New York City. The World Series game started it — when the crowd learned Trump was present, resounding boos and mocking chants to “Lock him up!” filled the air.

Check out Twitter’s response to the Trumps…