Fox News Sends Veterans Day Scorn To Trump’s White House


Donald Trump used to be very fond of Fox News, to the point that many called it Trump News. Many of the shows’ evening hosts fawned over him, and Sean Hannity is a frequent visitor to Mar-a-Largo when the president is in. POTUS has told us he bases his political strategy on Fox News’ suggestions, but all that is changing.

Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox Nation’s Liberty File  streaming service where he said Trump’s “foul language” and “lawless behavior” is appalling, according to the Associated Press:

‘He publicly calls people crude names, uses foul language, and sends dog whistles of lawless behavior to many of his supporters. All of that is a question of free speech, personal taste and political risk. But threats to ignore parts of the Constitution are not matters of speech, taste or risk. They reveal character traits but question the president’s fitness for office.’

The one-time judge has been one of the president’s “bluntest critics” on the Fox Network. Napolitano has been especially critical in the midst of the House’s impeachment inquiry into the commander-in-chief’s interactions with Ukraine.

After two decades working for Fox News, the former judge reached the peak of his criticism on the day he called the president a “fool” behind closed doors.

Another of the network’s hosts Tucker Carlson’s invited guest Joseph diGenova dismissed Napolitano’s comments regarding the legal intricacies of the impeachment hearings.

Still, the former judge has defended the House’s hearings, saying the Democrats are just following the rules that the Republicans wrote. He has compared Trump to a mafia don and noted that the president’s attempt to hold the G7-Summit at one of his resorts was:

‘[A]bout as direct and profound … as one could create.’

Director of Media Analysis at the Media Research Center Tim Graham said:

‘He’s beginning to sound like Judge Shepard Smith.’

Napolitano was not phased, though, and he said:

‘It just sort of rolls off my back. I realize that when you’re in this business — and I’m on the opinion side, not the news side — that it’s going to ruffle some feathers. I never take it personally.’

Napolitano is a libertarian and strict Constitutionalist former according to editor-in-chief of the libertarian magazine Reason Nick Gillespie said:

‘I’m not surprised that he has become, certainly on Fox, the leading critic of Trump. The real question is how does he get away with it.’

When Napolitano responded to a question about whether Trump should be impeached, he called it “a political judgment:”

‘If I could modify your question to ask if there’s a legal basis to argue high crimes and misdemeanors, then the answer is yes. That’s really beyond dispute … If I were a Democrat in the House, which I am not and never will be, I would vote to impeach.’

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