Veterans Group Trolls Fake Patriot Trump On Twitter


Donald Trump moves his military around much like a child playing with his or her toy soldiers. He yanked them out of northern Syria where they protected our allies and their fellow soldiers, the Kurds. Then, he sent them to guard oil wells. At the same time, POTUS moved 3,000 troops into Saudia Arabia for reasons not clear. Veterans are rebelling.

A major group of veterans VoteVets has decided to kick off a new campaign against this president on Veterans Day. Their goal is to pressure several Republican senators to lose as they head into a 2020 election.

As one of the largest group of veterans, they are working against the president. They will fly airplanes over primary Senate states that are close with a banner reading: Vets: Trump is a National Security Threat. Those candidates were: Martha McSally (R-AZ) of Arizona, Cory Gardner (R-CO) of Colorado, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) of Kentucky, and Thom Tillis (R-NC) of North Carolina.

Chairman of VoteVets Jon Soltz released a statement regarding their campaign:

‘In less than a year, voters will go to the polls. We intend to remind them every day between now and then that Donald Trump is a national security threat and that these key Senate Republicans encourage and enable him at every step of the way.’

VoteVets also planned to run internet ads and launch their website: Donald Trump Is a National Security Threat with all the reasons that Trump has posed a national security threat to America. The group planned on spending up to $30,000 on its campaign against Trump. Soltz writes:

‘[I]nviting foreign interference in our elections [to] raiding funds for our military families to build his wall.’

The progressive group has criticized the president regularly, but this was the first political initiative VoteVets has implemented on a Veterans Day. They have planned their initiative well. The Republicans have become very concerned about losing the Senate in 2020.

Both Senator Gardner and Senator McSally have been seen as on a knife’s edge in the upcoming election:


‘Our service members, veterans, and their families are under attack from President Trump — and we’re laying out his entire record on these issues throughout this site.  As veterans and military families, we’re putting the President on notice: We’re organizing nonstop from now until next November to elect a Commander-in-Chief and Congress deserving of our service and sacrifice.’

VoteVets listed the many various reasons Trump was a national security risk:


‘As President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Donald Trump’s chaotic “leadership” and obsession with his own ego and financial interest have combined to weaken America’s place on the world stage, embolden our enemies, and alienate our allies.  Trump has refused to accept the U.S. Intelligence community’s own conclusion that Russia attacked our democracy in 2016, while cozying up to Putin and spilling classified information to the Russian Ambassador in the Oval Office.’

The group continued:

‘His approach to diplomacy with North Korea has yielded no substantive commitments from the regime, and has centered on a bizarre personal relationship between the two strongmen to include “love letters.”  At the request of Turkey’s President, Trump ordered an unplanned and hasty withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Northern Syria — abandoning our Kurdish partners who fought side-by-side to deny ISIS a physical stronghold, and leaving the Kurds to be slaughtered.’

VoteVets ended with:

‘There are countless examples Trump’s erratic behavior on the world stage putting Americans at risk.  But it comes down to this: those who’ve worn the uniform of our country — past and present — deserve a Commander-in-Chief worthy of their service and sacrifice, and all Americans deserve a President who puts our national security first. ‘

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