Giuliani Suffers Impeachment Induced Weekend Public Meltdown


This weekend, personal Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani tried to convince everyone that he’s actually not falling deeper and deeper into a hole of corruption that he himself dug. As reports continue to circulate about the federal campaign finance and lobbying law violations that he’s reportedly under investigation for, he took to Twitter to try and moralize about the case House impeachment investigators have brought against his client, President Donald Trump. He tried to insist that you can’t impeach a president for requesting an investigation of in reality baseless allegations of corruption “without conditions” — but that’s not what he did! Over and over again it’s been revealed that Trump tied military aid and a White House meeting to Ukraine announcing that Biden investigation.

Sunday morning, Giuliani tweeted:

‘Bribery is a disaster for Dems. They are trying to impeach @realDonaldTrump what Biden did. Biden offered a thing of value,loan guarantee,in return for official action,firing a prosecutor. That’s bribery. Requesting an investigation of crimes without conditions is innocent.’

He was responding directly to House Democratic leaders, who suggested bribery could be incorporated into eventual articles of impeachment. Despite Giuliani’s insistence otherwise, multiple witnesses and counting have insisted that the Trump team sought to tie “everything” Ukraine wanted to them opening that desired investigation into the Bidens. For example, impeachment investigators formally revealed this weekend that Trump aide Tim Morrison told them that “the Ukrainians were told that U.S. military assistance, not just the White House meeting, was conditioned on their public announcement of political investigations that the President wanted.”

This weekend, Giuliani also tried to discredit the impeachment inquiry more broadly, complaining about the witnesses that Dems brought for their first public impeachment hearings. Although Giuliani claimed otherwise, crucial new information did come out like the revelation of a phone conversation between Trump and donor turned E.U. Ambassador Gordon Sondland in which Trump asked if Ukraine would be pursuing “the investigations.”

Giuliani tweeted:

‘After 3 witnesses no evidence has been presented of any offense. The first two permanent diplomats had no direct knowledge just overhearing things. The third one had no knowledge not even hearsay. This is a travesty.’

Check out Twitter’s response below…