Trump Suffers Post LA Governor Election Loss Multi-Tweet Meltdown


Always the TV aficionado, Donald Trump notices the women who are “beautiful” by his standards. Even so, he misspelled “womem” in what could well be a Freudian slip. He never seems to tweet about the other women surrounding them. Then, he throws out the southern border to hook his base and reel them into his camp.

Not a word about the impeachment hearings, apparently. TV reality show and real estate mogul Katrina Campins praised the first woman in Florida to become attorney general Pam Bondi (R). The thing was that she just lost to another woman Ashley Moody in 2019:

‘I have the utmost respect for this beautiful lady @pambondi Not only did she serve as the first woman Attorney General for Florida but she is a class act who is kind to other women regardless of her undeniable success. True strength. @realDonaldTrump @WomenforTrump #trump @POTUS’

Then, it was Trump’s turn. What? No words for the next Republican woman in Florida to win the election for attorney general? Interesting that Trump misspelled “womem:”

I agree Katrina, Pam Bondi is a great womem (sic)!’

Next, POTUS threw out several lies about the Customs and Border Patrol situation. Notice, he did not mention the 70,000 children from the country’s southern border that he has captured and placed in internment camps:

Ever since President @realDonaldTrump took action in the face of Congress’ neglect, border apprehensions have plummeted by 70% (!) since the peak of the crisis. THANK YOU to our brave @CBP (Customs and Border Patrol) officers.’

Trump slammed Chelsea Manning:

‘Thank you Pete. Our great warfighters must be allowed to fight. I would not have done this for Sgt. Bergdahl or Chelsea Manning!’

Then, it was impeachment time!

.@EliseStefanik is on @RepAdamSchiff can do nothing but watch his #impeachment sham crumble.

‘”Do you have any info regarding the POTUS accepting any bribes? Yovanovich: “No.” “Do you have any info regarding any criminal activity the POTUS has been involved with at all?” Yovanovich: “No.”‘

A new Republican Star is born. Great going @EliseStefanik!’

How many times can Adam Schiff say “the Gentlewoman is NOT recognized”? He clearly has NO interest in letting Republicans have any say in the impeachment hearings. Watch him interrupt us multiple times and refuse to yield for our parliamentary questions

‘Dowd never understood the pulse of the Republican Party, present or past. He’s just a 3rd rate hit job for Fake News @ABC!’

Twitter world went nuts. Take a look at some of our favorites below:

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