John Bolton Makes Surprise Dramatic Public Announcement


Some time ago — before the current Ukraine scandal burst into the limelight — John Bolton abruptly left his post as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, with readily apparent hard feelings between him and his now former boss. Now, on Twitter, he’s made an abrupt, dramatic public announcement about some kind of incoming revelation of his side of the story. House impeachment investigators have targeted him with demands for testimony, but it’s unclear what precisely he’s talking about — Bolton also recently got a book deal.

Months following his previously most recent Twitter post, which is from around the time of his initial departure from the White House, Bolton posted on Twitter this Friday:

‘Glad to be back on Twitter after more than two months. For the backstory, stay tuned……..’

He added:

‘We have now liberated the Twitter account, previously suppressed unfairly in the aftermath of my resignation as National Security Advisor. More to come…..’

In the time since his initial acrimonious departure, Bolton has been implicated in a number of details of the Ukraine scandal that has culminated in the ongoing impeachment inquiry. One of his first appearances in the story was when former Trump adviser Fiona Hill told Congress that Bolton had insisted he didn’t want to be a part of whatever “drug deal” that Trump’s co-conspirators were concocting. Bolton apparently also asked Hill to alert legal counsel for the National Security Council to their concerns.

More recently, E.U. Ambassador Gordon Sondland implicated Bolton in culpability for the Ukraine scheme, which included the Trump team trying to exchange military aid and a summit in D.C. for Ukraine producing dirt on the Bidens. Sondland claimed that “everyone was in the loop,” and specifically for Bolton’s case, he pointed to the then-national security adviser’s office requesting contact information for key Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani at one point.

How these stories factor into whatever accounts Bolton will be delivering remains to be seen. Bolton lawyer Charles Cooper admitted just this month that the former official had been “part of many relevant meetings and conversations” regarding Ukraine. He might have an extra incentive to share details, since his break from the White House has not been exactly clean.

Check out Twitter’s response below…