Trump Has Paranoid Twitter Meltdown After Watching Sunday News


As the House impeachment investigation proceeds, President Donald Trump keeps implicating himself. This weekend, he complained on Twitter that he’d been pressured out of holding next year’s G7 summit of world leaders at his Miami-area golf resort, which would have meant that he’d seemingly be quite literally making money off the presidency yet again. It’s like he’s just itching to abuse the power of his office for as much personal gain as possible, and in the process, he — the president of the United States — is lashing out by calling his opponents “very stupid.”

Topping it all off, his weekend Twitter complaint about not holding the G7 summit at Trump Doral was in response to a Twitter post about naming the resort its “Resort of the Week.” In other words, the president of the United States is attempting to build national policy off the petty ego boosts of a website writing a single article about his property.

He tweeted:

‘Too bad we didn’t have the G-7 here. I offered to pick up the entire cost, would have saved at least $35,000,000 for the USA. Best location. Very stupid people thought I would gain. Wrong! Looking at Camp David. Will announce soon.’

It’s unclear where he got that figure. To be clear though, even if he didn’t charge the U.S. government for the space, there still would have been costs associated with everything from renovating the site before the summit to putting up the various diplomatic entourages, and so on and so forth — and someone would have had to pay them! That “someone” was posed to be the American taxpayer in some cases. Additionally, even if actual costs were kept as outlandishly low as possible, Trump would be getting untold amounts of free advertising.

Questions remain about just how separate from his businesses that Trump even is in the first place, no matter the show that he made when first assuming office of passing off executive control of the family business to his sons, Donald Jr. and Eric.

Check out Twitter’s response below…