Fox News Issues Anti-Trump Impeachment Statement


Fox News may not be raising Donald Trump’s infallibility held high as it wends its way through the thorny impeachment hearings. The House Intelligence Committee just released the report about its hearings, neatly summarized upfront. The House Judiciary Committee has begun airing its nationally-televised hearings as Americans sit at attention. Check out how Fox News has responded.

Fox  News Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano spoke with Fox’s Bill Hemmer just minutes before the House Judiciary Committee began its impeachment hearing on Wednesday:

‘You believe the president has committed impeachable offenses?’

Judge Napolitano responded:

“I believe that the Democrats have credibly argued that he committed impeachable offenses. The easiest one — it exists in Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton — was obstruction of Congress.’

The judge continued, noting that the House has “found that to be impeachable:”

‘By directing his subordinates to refuse to comply with lawfully issued subpoenas whether it’s for testimony or for documents, that’s an impeachable offense. We know that from history. Every time the House has looked at that with respect to the president, they have found that to be impeachable.’

Napolitano added “reasonable minds cannot disagree:”

‘On that, reasonable minds cannot disagree without rejecting history and without rejecting constitutional norms.’

Then, Hemmler asked the judge how he would vote:

‘If you were in the House, would you vote for impeachment?’

In a powerful surprise, Napolitano responded:

‘I certainly would. I would on that count.’

Check out the video below:

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