Latest Impeachment Poll Numbers Released Confirm A 2020 Blue Wave


As House Democrats keep moving forward with their impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, he keeps claiming that poll numbers are in his favor. That’s not true. Now, there’s another confirmation of the depth of his lies — even at the height of the president and his allies’ public attacks on the impeachment proceedings and the Democrats supporting them, support for Trump has dropped among independents, according to a new poll. Those numbers show that at present, only about 39 percent of independents support the job that Trump is doing in office, which is about the same as the portion of supporters among the general population.

About a month ago, 44 percent of independent voters said that they approved of the job that Trump was doing in office, making that a five percent drop throughout the impeachment inquiry so far. At present, 56 percent of independent voters say that they actively disapprove of the job that Trump is doing in office — which, of course, seems like more than enough voters to help keep Trump from earning a second term.

On average, about 41.9 percent of voters presently say that they approve of Trump’s job performance, which really isn’t that far off from the range that the figure has stayed in for the entirety of Trump’s presidency. The portion of Americans overall who actively disapprove of the job that Trump is doing is also still in a pretty consistent range — at present, it’s at about 53.2 percent, according to FiveThirtyEight.

The numbers mirror Trump’s dismal performance according to plenty of other metrics. For example, Americans are just about evenly split on impeachment at present. RealClearPolitics has the current portion in favor at 47.8 percent and the current portion against the process at 44 percent. Opponents have consistently numbered less than supporters of impeachment, even if only slightly.

Trump also continues to lose when pitted against leading Democratic presidential contenders in prospective general election match-ups. Leading candidate (and former Vice President) Joe Biden manages an average of about ten percent more support than Trump — even with all of the president’s claims about Biden’s baselessly supposed corruption circulating around the political conversation lately. Trump is the only one facing consequences from that since his plot to get Biden dirt from Ukraine has sparked impeachment.

Meanwhile, when pitted against Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, Trump loses by about seven percent, and he comes in about eight and a half percent behind Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Biden, Sanders, and Warren are the only active candidates with double digit levels of support at present — although Pete Buttigieg has strong poll numbers in early voting, predominately white states.

Late last month, Trump claimed on Twitter, referring to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.):

The Impeachment Scam is driving Republican Poll Numbers UP, UP, UP! Thank you Shifty.’

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As all of the above makes abundantly clear, that claim is simply not true. Meanwhile, Democrats are moving forward with their articles of impeachment against the president through debate this week, presumed soon approval, and a subsequent trial in the Senate.