Christianity Today’s Subscriptions Go Through The Roof


A significant section of Donald Trump’s base can be found among evangelical Christians. Why they were following him given his record of adultery and breaking most of the other Ten Commandments has long been a question. Sure there was stuffing the courts with conservative justices and being against abortion, but did they serve as a good enough reason to throw presidential morality into the dumpster?

Editor-in-chief of The Christianity Today magazine Mark Galli wrote in an op-ed that the president should be impeached and removed from office. He spoke about Trump’s “blackened moral record.” Yes, the magazine lost subscriptions, but the biggest surprise was the dramatic uptick in the magazine’s subscriptions, according to CNBC:

‘A stereotypical response is ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’ with a string of a hundred exclamation points — “you’ve said what I’ve been thinking but haven’t been able to articulate, I’m not crazy.’ We have lost subscribers but we’ve had 3 times as many people start to subscribe.’

Galli’s editorial, “Trump Should Be Removed from Office” came out Thursday. He argued that POTUS tried to force the new president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to dig up dirt on the president’s most likely opponent, Vice President Joe Biden:

‘[It is] not only a violation of the Constitution; more importantly, it is profoundly immoral.’

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In his editorial, Galli urged evangelicals to consider how trying to accept POTUS:

‘[D]espite his blackened moral record [to] remember who you are and whom you serve. Consider how your justification of Mr. Trump influences your witness to your Lord and Savior.’

The commander-in-chief’s response was quick and sharp. He went after the magazine founded by evangelical preacher Billy Graham. He reamed Christianity Today in a tweet calling it a “far-left magazine, or very progressive:”

‘[N]o president has done more for the evangelical community.’

The Republican also called President Bill Clinton’s White House “morally unable to lead” when he was being impeached in 1998.

The preacher’s son, Franklin Graham, has shown himself to be a Trump supporter, and he defended 45:

‘[Billy Graham voted for Trump and]  would not agree with Christianity Today’s opinion piece. In fact, he would be very disappointed.’

When MSNBC asked why evangelical Christians continued to support the man who occasionally sits in the Oval Office, Galli said:

‘Unfortunately some of my brothers and sisters considered him appointed by the Lord and what I would consider extreme language in that regard. [He added[ criticism of a sitting president “is bad form.”‘

Screen-Shot-2019-12-23-at-8.50.32-AM Christianity Today's Subscriptions Go Through The Roof Corruption Election 2020 Featured Religion Top Stories Regarding his own op-ed, Galli said the president crossed a line and referred to the House impeachment hearings. He wrote that the evangelicals could ruin their church’s reputation should they remain silent:

‘[…] We’re sacrificing a great deal of the good we’re called to do and believe in if we don’t at least say out loud, in front of God and everybody, that in terms of his public character Donald Trump is a serious problem and no longer fit for office on those moral grounds alone.’

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