Kamala Moves To Suspend Trump’s Judicial Appointments


The self-described Grim Reaper Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has stood at the Senate door and killed off hundreds of the House’s bills. His life’s goal has been to stuff the judicial system with ultra-conservative judges. Never mind that a number of them were grossly incompetent. Never mind that he held up and robbed President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court Justice appointment, but Democrats are fighting back.

This week on the eve of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said that “all roads lead back to Putin” in this administration. Even the Kentucky Senator McConnell has a brand new Russian aluminum processing plant set up by a Russian oligarch and who has remained in Moscow’s inner circle.

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) took this important stance of urging the suspension of all judicial appointments while Trump was being tried. McConnell said he wanted a trial like President Bill Clinton’s, so this is what happened then. The former California attorney general and prosecutor said, CNN reported:

‘Today, the United States Senate will receive articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump and begin to determine whether the president’s actions warrant his removal from office. The president is charged with high crimes and misdemeanors, and the Senate must take seriously its constitutional role in this process. During the time when articles of impeachment are before the Senate, it would be wholly inappropriate to advance the president’s nominees to the federal judiciary.’

Screen-Shot-2020-01-16-at-8.52.36-AM Kamala Moves To Suspend Trump's Judicial Appointments Featured Impeachment Investigation Russia Top Stories

McConnell forced appointment after appointment into the court systems, which has apparently been his lifelong goal. He said:

‘My motto for the remainder of this Congress is ‘leave no vacancy behind.’

Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) commented:

‘He’s using his control of the floor and his majority to force votes on a series of judges. He is determined to confirm as many judges as he possibly can. And we are insisting on a roll call vote on every one of them.’

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) added:

‘I wish we would do some legislation, They had passed over 300 pieces of legislation in the House. Most of it with strong bipartisan support. McConnell won’t even bring them up for a vote. It’s made a sham out of the Senate. It’s obviously to try to politicize the judiciary but while they are politicizing the judiciary they are destroying the integrity of the Senate.’

Screen-Shot-2020-01-16-at-8.53.02-AM Kamala Moves To Suspend Trump's Judicial Appointments Featured Impeachment Investigation Russia Top Stories

Former independent counsel who investigated President Bill Clinton on his way to impeachment, Ken Starr reminded people:

‘Remember, the Supreme Court appointments; that covers, as we would say, a multitude of sins.’

McConnell said:

‘One of every four of the US circuit judges in the country have been put on the bench in the last three years. So we do believe with a second Trump term and a continued Senate Republican majority, we can transform the courts even further.’

The Majority Leader added:

‘They will not all be the same type of judges that we’re doing at the Circuit level where the so-called blue slip, that is the permission slip, is no longer required.’

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